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My plant(s) just arrived. How would be best to care for them?Updated 7 months ago

It's common for plants to experience a bit of shock after being transported, especially if they've been in a dark box for an extended period. To help them acclimate and minimise the shock, we recommend you to:

1. Unbox your new plants carefully. Gently remove the plants from the packaging, being careful not to damage any leaves or stems.

2. Keep your new plants away from harsh sunlight. Find a location with bright, indirect light to temporarily place the plants. Avoid direct sunlight for the first few days, as this sudden exposure can further stress the plants.

3. Let your new plants breathe. As the plants have been carefully packaged, they will need air circulation around the foliage. This will help correct any leaves now in an unnatural position as a result of being packaged and will also help prevent the introduction of bacterial or fungal infections.

4. Allow your plant to acclimatise. Allow your new plants to acclimate gradually to their new environment. This might take a few days to weeks. 

5. Check before watering. Check the moisture level in the soil. If the soil is dry, give the plants a gentle watering to ensure they are adequately hydrated. However, avoid overwatering, as waterlogged soil can contribute to stress.

6. Avoid disturbing the roots. Although it might be tempting to do so, we highly recommend avoiding repotting or disturbing the roots immediately after receiving the plants. Repotting can be stressful for plants and it is best to let them settle and recover in their original pots. (repotting also voids our 7 day live arrival guarantee).

7. Keep a close eye on the plants over the next few days. Look for any signs of improvement, such as perking up of leaves, and also watch for any signs of further stress.

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