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Rescue Boxes

What is a Rescue Box?

In response to the rising trend of online plant sales, we have taken a proactive step towards minimizing waste and fostering sustainability in an industry often plagued by excess. Collaborating with Sarah Gerrard Jones, also known as @theplantrescuer

Can I refund my Rescue Box?

Due to their nature, these boxes are non-refundable. The prices of these boxes are designed to fairly reflect the condition of the plants.

How do I care for my rescue plants?

Each plant requires slightly different care but it's best to not over-care for them. In general houseplants should be watered only when the top third of the substrate is dry, and be kept in bright indirect light. Please note that this will not apply

What can I expect in my Rescue Box?

Inside the box, you'll receive plants worth at least 2x the box value. That might be made up of one or two larger plants or a number of smaller plants. Every box is unique and depends on the stock availability in our Rescue Room.