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Help! The plant I had my heart set on is currently unavailable.

It's that sinking feeling when the perfect plant slips through your fingers, just as you were ready to bring it home! Here at our warehouse, we keep our stock limited and it's not uncommon for our freshly restocked plants to fly off the shelves in no

What forms of payment can I use?

For all orders made, including those for local pickup, we take a secure payment online. We welcome a wide range of payment options which are listed below.

What is Super Payments?

Super Payments is a new payment method when you check out. By choosing to complete your order with Super Payments, we don't receive any card charges. As a consequence of this, we can offer you an incredible 5% cashback on all purchases! This offer ca

How do I redeem my discount code or gift card?

If you have a discount code or gift card to redeem, simply pop it into the designated box during checkout.

Can I pick out the exact plant I would like?

We are a small team and ship hundreds of orders per week. In order to ensure orders get shipped out as quickly as possible, unfortunately we cannot offer this service. When it comes to selecting your plants, our team of horticultural experts and qual

What is your Live Arrival Guarantee?

It is important to keep in mind that, plants can be sensitive to significant changes. As a result, some minor cosmetic imperfections may be present upon arrival - plants are living things and may not always be 100% perfect. We do our best to photogra

Can I combine my two recent orders?

If you've recently made two or more purchases that haven't yet been dispatched, these will automatically be combined unless otherwise requested (assuming the postal address is the same). If the items across all orders fit into a single parcel, one of

Can I add to my order?

If you have made an order and wish to add to it, placing a second order is the simplest way to do so. Our system will automatically combine orders with the same shipping address. If all orders fit into one parcel, one amount of postage will be refund

Can I shop in store?

Unfortunately we don't have a retail store for in person shopping but when it comes to selecting your plants, our team of horticultural experts and quality controllers are on hand to make sure you receive a happy, healthy plants.

Can I change my order?

If you forward an email of any changes you wish to make to orders we will do all we can to make that happen. If your order is being processed however, unfortunately at this point it is too late to make this change.