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Explore frequently asked questions about our Subscription Boxes

How do Mystery Houseplant Subscription Boxes work?

Our Mystery Houseplant Subscription Box offers a unique and exciting way to expand your plant collection without the task of choosing specific plants yourself!. In each mystery subscription box, you will find a single rare or unusual plant along with

Can I refund my Mystery Houseplant Subscription Box?

Due to their nature, the Mystery Houseplant Subscription Boxes are non refundable if the item is a duplicate in your collection or just unwanted. If the plant is damaged however, contact us as soon as possible and we will compensate as per our live a

Can I take a break from receiving my Mystery Houseplant Subscription Box?

Yes, you can alter the frequency of deliveries, skip a delivery or even cancel after 3 completed deliveries. Simply log in to your GrowTropicals account to view your active subscription and make any changes.Alternatively you can email us at hello@gro

When can I expect my Mystery Houseplant Box to arrive?

We tend to ship our Mystery Houseplant Boxes on or after the 15th of every month. This varies slightly as plant deliveries to ourselves do not fall on a specific date.

When will I be charged for my Mystery Houseplant Box?

Upon initiating your first subscription, you will experience an immediate charge. Subsequent charges will be processed with a 10-day lead time before delivery, typically occurring around the 5th day of each month. While discount codes are applicable